Grand Court of Qld

Order of the Amaranth, Grand Court of Queensland

Grand Royal Matron HL Kay Van Lissum
Grand Royal Patron SK Frank Van Lissum
Grand Associate Matron HL Carita Swann
Grand Associate Patron SK Spencer Swann
Grand Treasurer HL Elaine Brierley
Grand Secretary HL Wendy Pollard
Grand Conductress HL Donna Pankhurst
Grand Assoc Conductress HL Denise Dickson
Grand Trustee 1 Year HL Barbara Chambers
Grand Trustee 2 Years HL Daphne McLennan
Grand Trustee 3 Years SK John Menzies
Grand Commissioner of Appeal
3 Years HL Nancye Morris
2 Years SK Keith Jones
1 Year SK William Gennings
Appointed Grand Officers:
Grand Prelate HL Doris Edwards
Grand Marshal HL Melessa Woolston
Grand Marshal in the East HL Judy Young
Grand Marshal in the West HL Beth Kirk
Grand Lecturer SK Norrie Morris
Grand Standard Bearer HL Barbara Seibel
Grand Historian HL Joan Scott
Grand Fraternal Correspondent HL Norma Caton
Grand Truth HL Joan Smith
Grand Faith HL Jan Holdsworth
Grand Wisdom HL Heather Moden
Grand Charity HL Heather Jones
Grand Musician  
Grand Warder SK Alan Holdsworth
Grand Sentinal SK David Kirk
Grand Page HL Ivy Lewis
Grand Crown Bearer HL Jennifer Nielsen
Grand Sword Bearer SK Andrew Pankhurst


Bi-annual Session of the Grand Court of Queensland

Saturday 2nd December 2017

commencing at 11a.m.

in the Morayfield Community Hall, Morayfield.

Annual Session of the Grand Court of Queensland

                                               Fifty-Fifth Session

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May, 2018

               Venue –  Centenary Lakes Function Centre
                              16 Stringfellow Road via Riverview Street, Caboolture


Queensland Amaranth Courts

Royal Queensland Court No 5

Caloundra Court No 12