Content Webmaster :  H.L. Judy Young     judyyoung@amaranthqld.com.au

Technical Webmaster : Stephen Jones   stephen@aranaphoto.com.au

Please send photo image files to us and stories so we add content to this web site. The page Posts & Comments is a blog page so we need content. We would like photos and stories from every single meeting and social gathering. Yes, we can very easily backdate stories and add past items to the Posts & Comments page. Help us to help our Order of the Amaranth grow through increased membership. The internet is a very powerful tool and is ideal for communication and promotion.

This website is best viewed with Firefox or Safari (menu shows as graduated colors) as your browser. However, the site will view OK in Internet Explorer (menu shows as solid colors) and other browsers. The site has been built on the WordPress platform for ease of content management by non-technical people. The menu colourings etc have been taken from the the Amaranth Logo to stylize the web site. Fonts, colours, etc, used in this site have been saved as a WordPress Theme Template. Our website has received approval from Supreme Office. Now we need to start starting populating the site with as much Amaranth info as possible and plenty of social photos please! If you have Historical photographs of Amaranth in Queensland, please contact the Content Webmaster so we can scan them in and display them on this site. We celebrated 50 years in January 2013 and we would like to share and celebrate this milestone.

Judy Young
Content Webmaster


Stephen Jones – 0418 742 530
Technical Webmaster

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